Securities Industry Commentator by Bill Singer Esq

January 2, 2018

FINRA Horse With No Name Named ( Blog)

There are times that FINRA's regulatory protocol confuses me. Other times, it confounds me. And other times, well, what can I say, try as I might, I can't understand why the self-regulatory-organization does or doesn't do something. As we embark upon a new year, the Blog publishes a puzzling case that appears to start off with a wrongly named Respondent in a FINRA disciplinary proceeding. That Respondent wins at FINRA's Office of Hearing Officers trial phase. In response to his victory, FINRA apparently takes the appropriate step of striking his name from the caption of the dismissed proceeding. Inexplicably, that Respondent's name is named in FINRA's National Adjudicatory Council appellate decision -- or so it seems.