Securities Industry Commentator by Bill Singer Esq

January 9, 2018

SEC Charges Florida Penny Stock Operators With Defrauding Elderly Investors in Push to Crack Down on Repeat Offenders (SEC Litigation Release No. 24026) In Securities and Exchange Commission v. Joseph A. Rubbo, et al. (Complaint, United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida, 17-CV-62345) the SEC charged  Joseph A. Rubbo and Angela Beckcom Rubbo Monaco with defrauding investors through offerings by their companies VIP TV LLC, VIP Television Inc., and The Spongebuddy LLC.  The Complaint alleges that Rubbo and Monaco are repeat offenders whose prior securities schemes resulted in criminal convictions against Rubbo and SEC injunctions against both Rubbo and Monaco.two individuals with defrauding elderly investors in a penny stock scheme involving Florida entertainment companies and their Spongebuddy product. The SEC asserts that the Defendants raised at least $5.4 million from 11 primarily elderly investors to fund the growth of their entertainment business and develop the Spongebuddy, a sponge-like glove purportedly to be sold in stores.

Rep Emails Self 1,300 Account Numbers And FINRA Comes A Knockin' ( Blog)
We are nearing that time of year when folks get happy feet and consider moving on to another employer. Some of that is prompted by disappointment with the size of a holiday bonus or the failure to win the promised promotion. Other motivations are a growing unhappiness with an organization's loss of direction and the sense that another year went by without improvement. Whatever has lit a fire under you, please keep in mind that you can't simply do a data dump from your employer's platform to your email or thumb drive. There's whatever is left of the Broker Protocol that may govern some of your freedom of choice; and then there's Reg S-P.