Securities Industry Commentator by Bill Singer Esq WEEK IN REVIEW

January 12, 2019

Securities Industry Commentator: A legal, regulatory, and compliance feed curated by veteran Wall Street lawyer Bill Singer

FINRA member firm's arbitration blows up in its face as former employee wins.
In the Matter of the Arbitration Between William and Henry Associates, Claimant/Counter-Respondent, v. Anna Marie Jacob, Respondent/Counter-Claimant/Third-Party v. David Joel Iannini, Third-Party Respondent (FINRA Arbitration)

GUEST BLOG: Tucker Carlson, AOC, and the 70% Tax Rate by Aegis Frumento Esq ( Blog)

Barred for Starting Broker-Dealer
In the Matter of Charles Gonzalez, Respondent (FINRA AWC)

Fine and Suspension for Discretionary Trading
In the Matter of Gregory Rusnak, Respondent (FINRA AWC )

One of my all-time favorite AWC fact patterns!!! Any other bidders?
In the Matter of Jaime E. Carvallo, Respondent (FINRA AWC)

Oppenheimer TKO'd by Stunning Stockbroker Offset in FINRA EFL Arbitration ( Blog)

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