Securities Industry Commentator by Bill Singer Esq WEEK IN REVIEW

June 29, 2019

Lynn Man Sentenced for Multi-Million Dollar Lottery Ticket Scam (DOJ Release)

FINRA Foundation To Empower the Underserved But Batteries Not Included
( Blog)

Two New Jersey Men Sentenced In Manhattan Federal Court For Scheme To Steal Over $2 Million In Stock Certificates From Deceased Manhattan Woman (DOJ Release)

State Street Settles SEC Charges for Adding Undisclosed Markups on Client Expenses (SEC Release)

SEC Charges Five Individuals in Microcap Fraud Scheme (SEC Release)

Singapore Resident Settles Charges in Serial Insider Trading Scheme (SEC Release)

Former Equifax employee sentenced for insider trading (DOJ Release)

SEC Obtains Final Judgment Against Virginia Investment Adviser Charged with Fraud (SEC Release)

Suntrust Bank Employee Sentenced For Stealing Nearly $172,000 From A Bank Customer (DOJ Release)

SEC Obtains Final Judgments of Approximately $2 Million in Mortgage Investment Offering Fraud (SEC Release)

SEC Charges New Defendant in $43 Million Tribal Bonds Scheme (SEC Release)

Ghanaian National Indicted On Federal Charges For Perpetrating Romance And Precious Metal Scams Against Older Victims (DOJ Release)

GUEST BLOG: The Great Pretender by Aegis Frumento Esq ( Blog)

Hudson County Man Charged In Multimillion-Dollar Mortgage Fraud Scheme (DOJ Release)

SEC Charges President of Oil and Gas Company for Misusing Retail Investor Funds (SEC Release)

Public Customer Sues for Tax Liability and Medicare Costs. In the Matter of the Arbitration Between Richard Palatine, Claimant, v. CIBC World Markets Corp., Richard French Judd, and Geneva Advisors, LLC, Respondents (FINRA Arbitration) 

FINRA Fines and Suspends Non-Registered Person for Altering Customer's LOA. In the Matter of Mijin Kim, Respondent (FINRA AWC)

Stockbroker Fined and Suspended Over Customer Loans. In the Matter of Fred Brown, Respondent (FINRA AWC)

Merrill Lynch Commodities Inc. Enters into Corporate Resolution and Agrees to Pay $25 Million in Connection with Deceptive Trading Practices Executed on U.S. Commodities Markets (DOJ Release)

The Wife, The Husband, The Divorce, Edward Jones, The Stockbroker, and The Messy FINRA Arbitration ( Blog)

Brooklyn Man Pleads Guilty to Securities and Binary Options Fraud Scheme / Defendant Stole Investors' Money for Personal Use and to Repay Others He Had Duped into Investing with Him (DOJ Release)

SEC Charges Unregistered Security-Based Swaps Broker with Defrauding Retail Customers (SEC Release)

Banco Popular Employee Indicted And Arrested For Obstruction Of Justice And Making False Statements (DOJ Release)

New York Man Sentenced to 12 Years in Federal Prison for Multi-Million Dollar Pyramid Scheme that Targeted Chinese Americans (DOJ Release)  

SEC Halts Fraud Targeting Vietnamese-American Community (SEC Release)

Court of Appeal Vacates Morgan Stanley Elder Abuse Award in Troubling FINRA Arbitration ( Blog)

CFTC Announces Approximately $2.5 Million Whistleblower Award (CFTC Release)

SEC Charges Founder of Bankrupt Advisory Firm with Fraud

SEC Obtains Final Judgment Against Defendant in Hedge Fund Fraud Scheme (SEC Release)

FINRA Suspends and Fines Stockbroker in Over-Concentration and ETN AWC. In the Matter of Michael Allen Kamperman, Respondent (FINRA AWC) 

Stockbroker Wins Expungement of Deceased Customer's "Letter of Concern." In the Matter of the Arbitration Between Lee Walter Miller, Claimant, v. Wells Fargo Clearing Services, LLC, Respondent (FINRA Arbitration Decision)

FINRA Fines and Suspends Rep over False Credit Card Applications and Willful Non-Disclosures on Form U4. In the Matter of Adriana Marcela Agha, Respondent (FINRA AWC)

FINRA Fines Member Firm Over Mutual Fund Switches. In the Matter of Crown Capital Securities, L.P., Respondent (FINRA AWC)

Wells Fargo Banker and Broker Loses Humpty Dumpty FINRA Arbitration ( Blog)

SEC Wins Jury Trial Against Broker Charged with Defrauding Customers / Broker's Partner Settled On the Eve of Trial to a Final Judgment with Admissions (SEC Release)

Former CEO of Chicago-Area Public Company Pleads Guilty in Market Manipulation Scheme (SEC Release)

Former Kiddar Capital CEO Sentenced to Prison (DOJ Release)

Denver Man Sentenced To Federal Prison For Ponzi Scheme That Defrauded 175 Investors out of Nearly $20 Million (DOJ Release)

SEC Obtains Judgment Against Ponzi Scheme Operator (SEC Release)

Seven Maryland Residents Charged in Connection with Computer Fraud and Identity Theft Ring That Targeted State Governments (DOJ Release)

Scarlet Letters: Remarks before the American Enterprise Institute by SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce

SEC Adopts Capital, Margin, and Segregation Requirements for Security-Based Swap Dealers and Major Security-Based Swap Participants and Amends the Capital and Segregation Requirements for Broker-Dealers (SEC Release)