Securities Industry Commentator by Bill Singer Esq WEEK IN REVIEW

October 19, 2019

Asheville Man Is Indicted For $13.5 Million Ponzi Scheme / The Defendant Allegedly Defrauded More Than 23 Victims, Including Some at, or Near, Retirement Age (DOJ Release)

SEC Issues Statement on Market Structure Innovation for Thinly Traded Securities (SEC Release)

The SEC Empire Strikes Back After Reinjuring Its Groin On Planet Daspin ( Blog)

Commissioner Acts to Stop Two Cryptocurrency Offerings As Second Regulatory Sweep Concludes (TSSB Release)

Digital Advertising Business Owner And Operator Arrested For Defrauding Investors Of Over $5 Million (DOJ Release)

Former Chief Operating Officer of Davis Bio-Pesticide Company Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy to Commit Mail, Wire, and Securities Fraud (DOJ Release)

SEC Obtains Final Judgment Against Former Executive Charged with Lying to Auditors (SEC Release)

Jury Convicts Businessman of $1.4 Million Fraud Conspiracy (DOJ Release)

Organizer Of Complex Nigerian Fraud And Money Laundering Ring Sentenced (DOJ Release)